How Do I Compost?

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What is Waste To Compost?

In composting, the micro-organisms-significantly fungi and bacteria, present in the soil eat the natural waste and separate it into easiest structure by means of aerobic respiration. They likewise produce carbon dioxide and warmth which quickens the decomposition procedure. As the temperature of the compost pile builds, the quantity of heat-loving microbes likewise increases.

In the search for Green Living and leaving behind the least amount of waste, composting is the ultimate in recycling. If you are asking “how do I compost”, here is your guide.

The benefit for a compost pile is twofold: waste is eliminated and fertilizers / additives are created for the soil for the rest of the garden and garden. You do not need a container or a container, just have a pile in the yard that will dig into the ground.


Composting Process is Totally Natural & Biological Process. Our Composting Machine is Fully Automatic. It Decomposes All kind of Organic Waste into Compost within 20 hrs. This entire process is Noiseless and Odorless.


Waste to water machines which ultimately converts solid waste into useful water. Now, this solid waste could be any form of organic food waste, and the water which comes out, as a result, will be a certified nutrient liquid which is in high demand for household use, public waste water disposal system and for agriculture and horticulture purposes.


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